Review: DC Bombshells LCSD-Edition Killer Frost Statue


DC Collectibles
Killer Frost Bombshells Statue

Overall Rating: 9/10

Product information:

Producer: DC Collectibles
Illustrator/Artist: Ant Lucia
Sculptor: Tim Miller
Height: 10.75″
List Price: $125
Limited to 500 pieces


I decided to purchase this beauty a couple weeks ago. I felt that I was running out of chances to get the “Local Comic Shop Day” (LCSD) edition. It seems like there are only a couple available on the secondary market. It was also suggested by a couple fellow collectors that they preferred this version over the original. So I took the plunge and I am glad that I did.

I ended up paying approximately $115 shipped for this piece. Which is still below suggest retail of $125.

Currently, she is only available on the secondary market. DC does tend to produce their pieces in multiple production runs. I am not sure that is the case with this release since it is a variant produced for LCSD.

Design Highlights:

  • Nod to Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago – it would be interesting to know if that was intentional.
  • Adorable fashion sense – I love the figure skater skirt, detailed sweater, leg warmers and ice boots.
  • Skis over skates – I am glad they gave her skis over making her the stereotypical female ice-skater.

Sculpt Highlights:

  • Extraordinary details:
    • The portrait – Beautiful face with hair curls and earrings.
    • The icy crystals on the hat and boots.
    • Texture and design of the sweater and leg warmers.
    • The flow of the skirt and scarf.

Paint Highlights:

  • This is the cleanest painted bombshell piece I have seen to date. It is literally immaculate.
  • The glittery finish on the variant really makes it pop.
  • I love the vibrant skin-tone and hair color.

This is a must if you are collecting the bombshell line. It is just… fantastic.

I wasn’t too sure about the price hike, but after seeing the huge improvements on production paint…I think it is worth it.

You can still get the bombshells from retailers below $100.

If you missed out on the variant and don’t want to shop ebay or other secondary market options. I would recommend getting the regular.

Suggested Retailer: Entertainment Earth


Just click on “Entertainment Earth” above and it will take you to this statue.

They currently have the regular for $99 for free shipping!

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